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Blogs from August, 2018


Erskine & McMahon, LLP and our team of Longview injury and wrongful death attorneys were recently contacted by a grieving family who lost their two-year-old child in a motor vehicle accident last week. We have been hired to act as their legal counsel and representation for their claims in pursuit of compensation, justice, and peace of mind. While we are always heartbroken to hear of a family who has been devastated by the negligence of another party, we are also always motivated to go above and beyond for clients in such difficult situations. Whenever we succeed in a high-stakes and highly-sensitive case such as this, we know we both help a family find closure and help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future by deterring negligence through legal action.

If you would like to know how you can help this family in their hour of need, you can click here to visit a GoFundMe page established for them by a Good Samaritan. The money provided will help them pay for immediate medical expenses, hotel costs, rental cars, and more, as they were away from home when the accident occurred. We thank you for any contributions you can make, and even just spreading awareness of the GoFundMe campaign is a great help.

Information About the Fatal I-20 Car Accident

Early in the morning of July 26th, 2018, just about 1:00 AM, a negligent driver struck a legally-parked vehicle on the I-20, not far from Longview, Texas. All four occupants of the struck vehicle were seriously injured, including a two-year-old child, a nine-month-old infant, an active duty Army service member on two weeks of recreational leave, and his wife.

Initial police investigations determined the negligent motorist who hit the family’s vehicle from behind at high speeds “failed to drive in a single lane.” The resulting impact of the collision was so strong, the family’s vehicle was thrown against a concrete highway barrier. All parties were wearing seatbelts and the children were placed appropriately in safety seats. Furthermore, the vehicle’s hazard lights were on to warn approaching vehicles that they had pulled over to the shoulder and stopped.

Both parents were treated and released, but their children suffered worse injuries. The infant was flown to LSU Medical Center for intensive care, and she would later stabilize. The two-year-old child was flown to the same medical center in critical condition, but he passed away soon after. It is not known at this time if the liable motorist will be brought to criminal charges, such as vehicular manslaughter.

For more information about this ongoing story, you can click here to view a full article from the Longview News-Journal. If you would like to know more about Erskine & McMahon, LLP, you are encouraged to contact us at any time. We accept calls at (903) 500-2490 around-the-clock for client emergencies.

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